Exploration of legacy video art equipment


Stop motion animation, intentionally silent

Lake Tahoe Sonification Project

Sound installation using weather data from Lake Tahoe

Grottes d'Arcy-sur-Cure

Choral piece exploring the acoustics of ancient caves

Selective Disturbance

Site-specific video installation and performance

Oryx & Crake Instruments

Electronic music instruments

Selections from the New England Primer

Interactive sound installation

Selective Disturbance II

Video self-portrait separating color and movement

Font Flowers

All the curves of a font, condensed into one image

Spider Puppet

Kinetic sculpture of string, sewing needles, and motors


Collaborative and locative sound project

Unless & Until

A collaboration with a writer, a painter, and a composer

Crochet Pattern Generator

An application for designed complex crochet

Visual Score for Vermont Counterpoint

A visualization of Steve Reich's piece for live flute and 11 prerecorded flutes

Sonic Generator Posters

Three posters for Georgia Tech's contemporary chamber music ensemble-in-residence

Buckminster Fuller Print

Letterpress and silkscreen with a quote from Fuller

Gestural Speech Synth

Vowel synth with no text input